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The building that once housed the workshops that tied the loaves of the Royal House, owes its name to this past, which is evidenced in all corners of the property. According to the report of a typewritten document, searched at the Olissippo- nese Library of Studies, this building was the former dwelling of a marquee founded by the Marquis of Pombal to tin the dishes of the Royal House - "the doors each had a royal crown and the next couplet: Officina da RealCasa ". According to the same report, from 1921, there will have existed in this building a workshop of boilers - Orrico & Carricchio.

All the pieces, tools and instruments that give name to the apartments were in use in the former Officina Real that existed in the place, being now valued and exposed, returning the Alma to this patrimony. Read more

Portuguese Details

Portuguese details in our apartments

The ALMARIA brings back to the interior of its apartments the Portuguese and the elements characteristic of the surrounding area and the local history and culture, making them absolutely special and unique in the city.

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