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Dona Leonor de Avis


For her exemplary life, for having been a merciful queen and also for her Christian virtues, she has attained to some historians the nickname of "The Perfect Princess."

Queen Leonor of Avis is the third and last Portuguese consort born in Portugal, the first being Leonor Teles and the second her aunt, and her mother-in-law, Isabel de Avis, wife of Afonso V.

D. Leonor de Avis was also the first of the occupants of the Portuguese throne with Bragança blood, for her maternal grandmother, the infant Isabel de Barcelos, daughter of the first Duke of Bragança.

Leonor was destined to be born to D. João II of Portugal the "Perfect Prince" by the will and promise of his uncle Afonso V, to his only brother and best friend, the infant D. Fernando.

D. Leonor, married with his cousin D. João, only 12 years old, and D. João 15 himself.

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