Almaria - Edifícios com HistóriaAlmaria - Edifícios com História Almaria - Edifícios com HistóriaAlmaria - Edifícios com História

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Discover Lisbon by staying in a privileged location right in the heart of one of the city's most iconic and well-known neighbourhoods. Discover Lisbon as if you were a Lisboeta. With a portfolio of buildings ideally located in the heart of the city, Almaria – Buildings with History provides a perfect starting point for anyone who wants to discover Lisbon, relate to the local neighbourhood and community and re-inhabit the city's historic and cultural heritage. If buildings are the bedrock of a city’s soul, ALMARIA is where Lisbon’s soul resides. More than giving buildings a new life, ALMARIA aims to listen to their histories and recount them in each project it takes on. With Almaria – Buildings with History, come and inhabit the unique history of each building while enjoying superb hospitality and unforgettable experiences and emotions... Read More

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