Almaria - Edifícios com HistóriaAlmaria - Edifícios com História Almaria - Edifícios com HistóriaAlmaria - Edifícios com História

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Discover Lisbon by staying in a privileged location right in the heart of one of the city's most iconic and well-known neighbourhoods. Discover Lisbon as if you were a Lisboeta. With a portfolio of buildings ideally located in the heart of the city, Almaria – Buildings with History offers the perfect starting point for anyone who wants to discover Lisbon, relate to the local neighbourhood and community and re-inhabit the city's historic and cultural heritage. If buildings are the bedrock of a city’s soul, ALMARIA is where Lisbon’s soul resides. More than giving buildings a new life, ALMARIA aims to listen to their histories and recount them in each project it takes on. With Almaria – Buildings with History, come and inhabit the unique history of each building while enjoying superb hospitality and unforgettable experiences and emotions.

For a holiday, to Study to work or simply because you can, Almaria has the perfect apartments to rest for a short or long period…as you wish.

Fully furnished and decorated, feel at home in our fully equipped apartments; with a kitchenette, living room and bedroom.

Wifi, Bath and Bed linen, fully furnished and daily maid service.

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Almaria (Alma.Ria), sf

The place of the Soul. The residence of the Soul.

When suffixes are attached to a radical, they form a new word, verb or noun. In Portuguese, the suffix aria forms the names of places where the suffixed product is produced, sold or found. For example, a sapataria is a place that sells shoes or sapatos, Mouraria is the name of a neighbourhood in Lisbon where the Moors lived historically and a leitaria is a place that sells milk or leite. By adding the suffix to alma, we arrive at "the place where the SOUL (alma) resides." The place where one discovers the SOUL. The place of the SOUL. This is the story behind our company name.

What makes Almaria so singular and inspiring?

Our values and those of our buildings in the heart of Lisbon are about appreciating and restoring historical heritage to enrich city life while providing excellent hospitality and unforgettable experiences and emotions.

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