Almaria - Edifícios com HistóriaAlmaria - Edifícios com História Almaria - Edifícios com HistóriaAlmaria - Edifícios com História

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Discover Lisbon from a privileged location, in one of its recognized and iconic neighborhoods. Experience Lisboa by being a Lisboeta. 
With a portfolio of buildings ideally located in the heart of the city, Almaria – Edifícios com História, offers the perfect starting point for those who want to discover Lisbon, participating and interacting with its setting and local community and rehabilitating the city's historical and cultural heritage.
If buildings are the foundation of the city's soul, Lisbon has ALMARIA buildings, the home of its soul. More than rebuilding buildings, ALMARIA proposes to listen to their stories, retelling them in each development.
With ALMARIA – Buildings with History, you can relive the unique history of each building, enjoying excellent hospitality and experiencing unforgettable emotions and moments... Read More

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