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Edifício da Corte is located on the Street and Calçada do Ferragial, located next to the Fernandina Fence, wall built by D. Fernando in 1373 to account for the reality and growth of the population of the time, since the previous Cerca Moura no longer supported in the post-recapture period. Together, but at the time outside the Wall, hence its Latin name (farrago inis) meaning "field where harvested green cereals are grown."

A few centuries later, the area was once the site of the famous Corte Real Palace, one of the most majestic palaces in the history of Lisbon, totally destroyed in the earthquake and tsunami of 1755. It belonged initially to the Corte Real family. He sold it to the Royal House at the time of the infant D. Pedro, later regent of the Kingdom, and finally king D. Pedro II, who lived there until his brother, Afonso VI, was dethroned. It served, from then on, like residence of Infantado. It was, conveniently, at the back of the Paço da Ribeira, part of that palatial complex.

Next to it, the Paço da Ribeira - located in what is today the Terreiro do Paço, or Praça do Comércio - was a royal palace and official residence of the kings of Portugal for about two centuries, succeeding the Palace of the Alcáçova in Castelo de S Jorge.

It is in this noble zone of the city, with a strong influence of the Royal House, the Court and its Palaces, that, thanks to a deep rehabilitation work, a building once abandoned and advanced state of decay is returned to Lisbon, which, in memory of this history , receives the name of Building of the Court.

For a holiday, to Study to work or simply because you can, Almaria has the perfect apartments to rest for a short or long period…as you wish.

Wifi, Bath and Bed linen, fully furnished and daily maid service.

The Edifício da Corte consists of 15 apartments (Lofts, T1 and T2 apartments), with areas ranging from 50 to 128 m2, which are named after some Portuguese Kings and Queens.

The Edífico da Corte, although equipped according to the best standards of comfort and modernity, was inspired by the history of the Court and the Royal Palaces, to recreate decorative notes that refer to other times. The signatures and coats of the Kings and Queens that give name to the apartments are present in each one of them. The chandeliers that enrich their ceilings, from the moment the imposing chandelier of the Hall - the chandelier of the Court - are contemporary recreations of the fausto of other times. In both cases, plastic creations of Portuguese artists: atelier Catarina Portas and Cláudia Gama.

• Our breakfast is Continental and is placed in the apartment's fridge daily.
• If you have any food restrictions or allergies, you must inform Almaria before your arrival so that we can adjust the breakfast accordingly.
• Our apartments have a daily cleaning service included, carried out by our Housekeeping team.

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